Strange Careers Zine Fair & Exhibition

23 – 27 May

Thursday 25th May, 4:30 – 8 pm

Time to get bizzy for STRANGE CAREERS ZINE FAIR. The world needs Your Unique Voice; why wait for a publisher to observe your disturbing brilliance and/or endearing mediocrity?

Zines can be self-published stories/comics/single-page drawings, flip-books, posters, postcards….sky’s the limit really.

Contact us at the gallery [email protected] to arrange to make use of the Watch This Space photocopier and other facilities when compiling your work.

STRANGE CAREERS ZINE FAIR will accompany a week-long exhibition of graphic works from Mparntwe/Alice Springs based or associated artists, curated by Craig San Roque. The zine fair will double as the opening event for this show!

Artwork by Beth Sometimes
Thursday 25 May 2017
4:30pm – 8pm
Watch This Space Gallery and Artist Run Initiative
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