Sydney Dance Company’s De Novo

Three playful works from the frontlines of dance
Three revolutionary works – a suite of playful, subversive and inspired pieces that push at the boundaries of performance.

This is dance that doesn’t play it safe. From the minds of three choreographers, channelled through the exquisite dancers of Sydney Dance Company, comes a trio of works that break new ground – throwing caution to the wind and hurling themselves into the void of the new.

A soundscape from Australia’s acclaimed Sarah Blasko and Nick Wales takes sensual, physical form in Rafael Bonachela’s Emergence, while Alexander Ekman’s irreverent Cacti expertly skewers the pretensions of contemporary dance. Meanwhile, in a distant star system, Larissa McGowan’s Fanatic pits Alien versus Predator in a hilarious interstellar dance throwdown.

Inspired and unexpected, De Novo promises a very different evening of entertainment, as it unleashes three fresh, wily dance works on an unsuspecting Australia.

Saturday 18 July 2015
8pm – 10pm
Araluen Arts Centre, Larapinta Drive
Adult $59.00 Concession $55.00 Friends of the Araluen Arts Centre $50.00