TaKeTiNa (Moving Meditation) Open Practice Group.

TaKeTiNa is a highly accessible moving meditation process that uses archetypal rhythms, the voice, stepping and clapping; to take participants on a journey that unleashes the healing potential in music and connects us to our original nature. It is a meditative group process that is deeply relaxing and vitalizing, as it works to restore mental and physical health through the oscillation of order and chaos phases; stimulating neural networking and inviting your body and mind to deep states of relaxation and heightened awareness. No prior experience of music or meditation is necessary. For some it is a unique opportunity for learning and personal growth. For all it is good fun!


Eastside Pilates Studio. (Rear of 15 Lindsay Avenue)

TaKeTiNa Institute.
Every Thursday Evening.
25 June1 October 2015
7:20pm – 9pm
Eastside Pilates Studio. (Rear of 15 Lindsay Avenue)
$15 (Waged) $10 (Unwaged).