The Long Weekend in Alice Springs – Exhibition and Booklaunch

The Long Weekend in Alice Springs – Art from the graphic novel
Joshua Santospirito and Craig San Roque
at Watch This Space

The Long Weekend is a long, slow meditation on cultures and their behaviours. First written as an essay by Craig San Roque in 2004 then re-crafted into comic-form by Joshua Santospirito years later. Commencing with the launch of the book, this exhibition shows the original artwork for the first time with background sketches and annotations.

The Long Weekend is a graphic novel adaption of an essay that explores the idea of the Cultural Complex; a concept developed from Carl Jung’s work. Craig acts as narrator and protagonist, taking the reader through a series of poetic thoughts, places and time zones. Set over the course of a football long weekend in the central Australian desert town of Alice Springs, San Roque grapples with his analysis of history, culture and the pain which unconscious complexes intentionally, and unintentionally, inflict upon other cultures.

The book also includes a new essay by Craig entitled A Book of Sand.

Graphic novel available to purchase from
or Red Kangaroo Books (after the launch)

This project has been supported by Arts Tasmania and Nadine Kessler Design

10 May7 June 2013
Watch This Space, 4/9 George Cres, Alice Springs NT 0871