The Portmanteau Show by DoAS (Donovan of Alice Springs)

Donovan of Alice Springs is an award winning textile artist, both here and in his previous home, America. During time in Japan, he recorded the faces of people he met in a series of portraits using crochet lace techniques. The work was a catalyst for Donovan’s further ‘stitching’ of traditional techniques into contemporary subjects and imagery since arriving in Australia in 2007. Using innovative designs and materials, Donovan creates a magic weirdness, ‘unpacked’ and on show in the Portmanteau Exhibition at Central Craft.

Exhibition opens 6 PM, Friday April 5th. Until April 28

Gallery Hours: 10 – 4 Mon to Fri / 11 – 3 Sat & Sun

528 April 2013
June Marriott Gallery, Central Craft, Araluen Cultural Precinct