The Storyteller – Glen Yearwood

Glen Yearwood is a storyteller who has embarked on a long journey to understand the ways and beliefs of First Nation peoples all over the world.

His own journey can be traced from the Ibo people of modern day South East Nigeria in West Africa. Yearwood’s ancestors were stolen by Europeans and sent to the Americas and the Caribbean during the Transatlantic Slave trade where as many as 100 million souls were kidnapped or perished in the Atlantic Ocean. Yearwood’s maternal grandmother practiced the African tradition of Obeah, a form of soothsaying on the Eastern Caribbean island of Saint Vincent. It was here that Yearwood was born and lived for a time before travelling to England with his mother to continue his education.

Some spirits refuse to die and continue to walk the earth with honor, sharing their truth through storytelling, the oldest form of communication. Yearwood’s debut EP album ‘The Life and Times of a Storyteller’ recorded in Alice Springs in 2015 has garnered critical acclaim in Europe and America where the single release ‘Jungari’ is a narrative between Yearwood and Pintupi Luritja people of Kintore where he lived and shared musical stories.

This intimate evening performance will see Yearwood play a selection of songs, delivered by acoustic guitar and his unmistakable soul voice: a fitting tribute to his ancestors and the journey that has brought his storytelling to Alice Springs.

Join us for light refreshments from 6pm.
The concert starts at 7pm.

Tickets Available from The Residency and The Watertank Café:

The Residency – Corner of Parsons and Hartley Streets (Open 10am – 3pm weekdays and 10am – 2pm Market Sundays)

The Watertank Café – 16 Wilkinson Street (Open 8am – 3pm Mon to Sat and 10am – 2.30 pm Sunday)

For more information please contact Glen 0452 190 952

This event is proudly supported by:
The Watertank Café, CAAMA and Heritage Alice Springs

Copyright Glen Yearwood
Saturday 2 April 2016
6pm – 8pm
The Residency
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