Tjupi Taanu

An exhibition of new works by the artists of Papunya Tjupi,
Candy Nelson Nakamarra, Tilau Nangala, Mary Roberts Nakamarra, Beyula Puntungka, Napanangka, Isobel Gorey Nambajimba, Doris Bush Nungarrayi, Maureen Poulson Napangardi &
Charlotte Phillipus Napurrula.
The artists have named the show ‘Tjupi Taanu’ after the explosion of sensory delight that happens when the Honey Ant bursts…and so it is with this body of work an explosion of creative essence. Come along and celebrate this veritable visual feast.

Doris Bush Nungarrayi, Tjurrpinyi Ikuntji 152x122cm acrylic on canvas
Tues- Friday 10-5 Sat 10 - 2
829 July 2017
10am – 5pm
RAFT artspace, 8 Hele Crescent, Alice Springs NT 0870