Unte nthenharenye? Where do you come from? – Mark MacLean

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Australia is a nation of movers. We fly in and fly out; we tree-change and
sea-change; we move to connect with the bush or to flee the carnage of
lives gone wrong in different towns and cities. Wherever we go, we leave
behind a past and come to terms with a new place that we might call ‘home’. writers’ festival EYE OF THE STORM PROGRAM 2015 This workshop focuses on writing about what we use to build a sense of the place around us – the things
around us through which we learn to see that place as ‘home’. It might be a mosaic, or the tree you planted after the birth of your child, or the lover’s name carved into a wooden lintel. This is a practical workshop with writing, reading and sharing as its focus.

Mark MacLean is a festival guest. Mark writes about connections to place. Stories such as ‘Unte nthenharenye?/Where do you come from?’ (from his collection The New Landscape) are drawn from his time living in Central Australia in the 1980s and 90s, where he worked as a publisher with IAD Press. His book A Year Down the Drain describes the people he met and the places he discovered exploring the stormwater drains of Newcastle, NSW. In his new book, Five Boxes, Mark reflects on our connection to the past through our possessions.

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Image from Jan Bauer's graphic novel 'The Salty River' published by Twelve Panels Press.
Saturday 19 September 2015
11am – 1pm
Hut 1, Olive Pink Botanic Garden
$50/$45 NTWC/Conc