Walking, Writing and Ways of Seeing

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Eye of the Storm 2015: Workshop/walk along the Todd River

Walking in nature has been variously appreciated and embraced as stress-relieving, spiritual and inspiring. But walking can also be a cultural act, even political, and its role in how we perceive our world is profound. Things look different at 4km an hour.

This workshop considers walking and writing as a fresh way of seeing and producing places through text. It encourages writers to slow down, to let walking help shed the usual filters through which we see, and to perceive the world anew.

This guided walk will follow the Todd River for 4kms along its shady banks from the CBD to the historic Alice Springs Telegraph Station. Along the way four local writers – Linda Wells, Dr Veronica Dobson, Dr Peter Latz and Pat Ansell-Dodds – will each offer a particular perspective of the country which may begin to build a sense of the Centre’s multi-layered history: the landscape of the totemic ancestors, its settlement through conflict, the river’s desert ecology and a generation lost.

Through the act of walking, and your writing of it, you may find your own way into this unique part of Australia, and yourself.

The walk will be led by Dr Glenn Morrison – a journalist and author living in Alice Springs since 1998, Glenn has recently completed a PhD about walking and ideas of frontier and home in the literature of Central Australia.

Limited capacity. Bookings essential.

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Sunday 20 September 2015
8am – 11am
Todd River
$45/40 NTWC/conc