Wayne Eager: Desert Works

Wayne Eager’s paintings are a series of layered gestural marks, shapes and colours that interweave and culminate in a defined space. They were not always like this: upon arriving in the Northern Territory in the 1990s his artworks displayed a desire for fidelity, for realistic depictions of the Central Desert landscape surrounds.

Though still taking their cues from the natural environment – reoccurring circular shapes evoke the small hill of boulders visible from his studio window for instance – a distillation process has led to non-representational, abstract modes of painting for which Eager is renowned.

The rhythm and harmony of the Central Desert landscape, within which Eager has lived for over 20 years, is evident in the Desert Works exhibition, bringing together significant paintings from across that time period and artistic development.

Wayne Eager, Partita in Grey, 2009, oil on linen
22 May28 June 2015
6pm – 4pm
Araluen Arts Centre, Larapinta Drive, Alice Springs