Where are you? What time is it? How do you know?

Margaret Worth’s forthcoming exhibition at Araluen Arts Centre will consist of two distinct installations sharing a space in Sitzler Gallery.

•G.E.M.S., (Glass Embedded with Metals and Sulphides), refers to the dusty origins of the cosmos through an assemblage of shattered safety glass
•O2, using sand and stromatolite shapes, refers to cyanobacteria, the first life-forms that emerged from the Earth’s oceans. They produced oxygen and began the change in the atmosphere that led to human evolution.

Camera images of the visitor/viewer, displayed on monitors, will show them simultaneously as though in two different places, inviting them to imagine themselves linked concurrently in the present to cosmological time-space and ancient time-space.

8 November2 February 2014
6pm – 4pm
Araluen Arts Centre