Writer Talk with Jacqueline Brady

Jacqueline Brady is the NT Writers’ Centre hot desk writer between October 2017 – Feb 2018, during which time she is working on completing a first round of edits of her manuscript White Fence with input from Hachette mentor, Sophie Hamley.

Join us for a drink, a reading from her manuscript-in-development and some Q&A about the writing process.

Jacqui is an Alice Springs-based anthropologist. She works as an advocate, policy and project manager in the non-government sector for local disadvantaged youth.

White Fence is a work of historical fiction set in the desert regions of Australia. The book stems from her work as an anthropologist and from a period of recovery from a neurological and musculoskeletal decompression illness she developed while working as a scuba diver instructor in the early 1990s.

Thursday 22 March 2018
5:30pm – 6:30pm
67 Bath St
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