About Us

We do arts and culture.

We’re a vibrant arts organisation fostering arts innovation, development, collaboration and entrepreneurship in Alice Springs, Central Australia.

Our annual activities includes arts development and cultural programs and our signature event, the Desert Festival.

We manage a central creative hub, housing several other arts and culture organisations as well as rehearsal and workshop spaces for creative businesses and individuals.

Our unique model works with the creative professionals and communities of the communities of Alice Springs and the surrounding Central Australia region to generate and support unique, rich and relevant arts and cultural experiences.

To develop the arts, culture and the creative industries in Alice Springs Central Australia we do:

  • advocacy of the role and value of the arts and cultural expression in fostering sustainable, healthy and engaged societies;
  • leadership role in supporting professional and emerging artists to realise their full potential and establish sustainable practice;
  • capacity building of people who facilitate, manage, produce and promote creative practices and;
  • innovation in delivering programs and projects that showcase achievement and reflect the identity and aspirations of our supporters
Unbroken Land - Presented by RHACA and Incite - Photographer Oliver Eclipse 2015Unbroken Land - Presented by RHACA and Incite - Photographer Oliver Eclipse 2015