A Growing Team to Serve the Arts in Alice Springs

Red Hot Arts is excited to announce the addition of three new team members to the Red Hot Arts space.

Graeme Whelan – Production Manager

Graeme said he is ‘looking forward to working towards the Desert Festival and the odd little gig in between. I’m looking forward to working with the Arts and assisting different groups to create a quality production.”  Your Red Hot Arts Production Manager will oversee the Lighting Designers, Sound Designers or Stage Management, correlating everything to create a valuable experience. The production manager will make sure they are well resourced, assist with hiring the crew and assist with logistical challenges. “I pretty much take what is in a Director’s head and put it into a reality, provided the Producer says we have the funds to do certain things, of course,” Graeme said it’s also about making sure that things meet certain safety standards and adhere to the law. Things often need to be transportable, and the Production Manager needs to know where every bit of equipment is, who will be in charge of it, what their role is and what they’re going to do with it.  The Production Manager is responsible for a lot of assets such as tools, props and resources. Having someone here on a regular basis will help protect, maintain and preserve the variety of resource.

Graeme first came to Alice Springs in ’97 and stayed a year or two and came back a few years ago.  He was travelling and working and travelling overseas for many years, visiting places such as Japan and China.  He’s just come back from India and Nepal.  Graeme chose to come back to Alice Springs because he doesn’t like city life.

Madeleine Krenek – Arts Development Officer

The focus of the Arts Development Officer is to help artists grow their career, such as mentorship programmes, workshop programs, advice for grant writing, find opportunities and jobs for people to further their practice, as a business.

The other side is based around the Desert Festival. This relates to the presentation of artists, liaising with venues for artists to perform their acts.  “I’m looking forward to collaborating with the Red Hot Arts team curating and programming the festival.”

“A part of it is finding opportunities for people, for them to develop their practice professionally either here or overseas. There are lots of different type of skills development grants, one that is quite accessible is to support artists to travel overseas, to develop.”

Something exciting in the works for Red Hot Arts is to develop digital mentorship program.  Red Hot Arts has exciting technical capabilities to connect artists with face-to-face mentors in a meaningful way.  It doesn’t matter what the discipline, it could be fine art, dance or theatre.  It means that you can be in the studio space and showing your work to your mentor outside of Alice Springs.  A relationship can be built over time, so that down the track, artists can potentially apply for a quick response grant to spend a weekend, face to face for example, with your mentor.

“I’m really looking forward to empowering artists to fulfil their vision, to bring their ideas to fruition, to support them with the resource so they can work indecently, to learn more of the business enterprise of their art form. “

Madeleine is a dancer by trade, she is a contemporary dancer and studied in Melbourne.  She worked many years as a freelancer for 10 years, she worked in the states for a while, travelled around Europe. She’s been working in Alice Springs since 2012 but permanently relocated here last year.  She and her colleague work on a community dance program, professional dance projects and are developing a residency program for artists to come to Alice Springs to work on their art.

Barbara Clifford – Communications Manager

Part of the challenge for artists in Alice Springs is to communicate to the wider community around what’s on.  Additionally, the arts community need to know about jobs or opportunities that are available.  The role of the Communications Manager is to bridge that gap.  “My goal is to share information with the community with social media platforms but also to support people to access our “What’s Hot” website”.  The Whats Hot site is a free portal where people can upload their events or opportunities.  Once approved, the Communications Manager distributes the information via e-newsletters and social media.  The communications manager works collaboratively with venues, artists and festivals to create a cohesive line of communication.  “I’ll also be working on developing relationships and connections with local media and sourcing information that is useful for our local artistic & cultural community. I’d like to also work with artists to educate them on how to maximise their opportunities with stronger communication tools and strategies”.

A key focus for the Communication Manager will showcase festival seasons and the cultural events that fall within those seasons such as the Desert Festival, Beanie Festival, Finke, Wide Open Space etc.

Barbara came to Alice Springs as filmmaker back in 1999 and worked many years as a freelancer.  She left the film industry and Alice Springs in 2007, working closely with successful entrepreneur and starting her own business.  She missed the red dirt and the boundless opportunity that Alice Springs provides, returning in late 2015, continuing to work in her business in areas of communication and business development.

Alice Springs Delivers a Variety of Dance

67 Bath Street is alive with dance. 

Dance enthusiasts can participate in a rich tapestry of different styles and forms of dance, for beginners through to intermediate, from kids to adults.
Ilse Pickle will be delivering “Belly Roll” a technique behind the iconic movements of belly dance.  Participants will learn control, smooth isolations, lifts and drops, slides, shimmys, undulations, and sensuality! Ilse said “This class pays close attention to stomach muscles and the upper body (including neck and arms). It is great for tone, posture, core strength, and technique. Dancers will be rolling to a soundtrack laced with neo-soul, flamenco and drum beat”.  This fusion class explores moves founded in the Middle East that once mastered, help you in all your dance. Belly Roll is held on Monday nights at 5:30pm.
Ilse will also be bringing something ‘hot and saucy’ to 67 Bath Street.  Her ‘Hot Sauce – Afro-Caribbean Dance’ class will fuse together styles found across the Afro-Caribbean dance genres. It will explore movement from Brazilian samba, Jamaican dancehall, Soukous to hip-hop. “We’ll be playing plenty of homage to Beyonce!” said Ilse. “Not only are we building ‘booty’, we’ll also be building strength, technique and capability.”  The high energy class will be a dynamic experience of cultural learning, looking at cultural foundations and cross-overs. Hot Sauce – Afro-Caribbean Dance is help on Monday nights from 6:30pm.
Bernice Bristow wants to make tap dance accessible to everyone.  It doesn’t matter how old you are or how experienced you are, Bernice’s classes allow you to connect to the music with rhythm and style. Bernice said “Dance is not only about physical exercise but brain exercise, it’s actually the best brain exercise, they’ve proven that’.    Alice Tap Classes are held every Wednesday from 6:00pm during the school term. (Watch an interview with Bernice here)
Social Latin Dancing is a Latin American playground of dance and social interaction.  Carolina Monsalve transforms the space at 67 Bath Street into another world, taking us to a world of Latin American prestige.  ” I am from Columbia, the birthplace of salsa, I like to bring a little bit of my culture to the Alice Springs community, to share the music, my language and dance.” Carolina says it doesn’t matter if you haven’t done salsa before, she will teach you and you don’t need a partner, she will dance with you. Social Latin Dancing is held every 2nd Friday from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm. (Watch an interview with Carolina here)
Started up by two dancers from Melbourne, No Lights No Lycra  is a dance initiative that encourages people from all backgrounds and demographics to indulge in music in a unique and exhilarating way.  Safe in a blanket of darkness, dancers are able to immerse themselves in self-expressive movement, free of teachers, technique and public view. Organiser, Bethany Wilson said, “It gives you the freedom to let go of your inhibitions go, to connect with the music in an expressive way with out the stimulation of lights or social pressures.” No Lights No Lycra is every Thursday night from 6pm – 7pm. Cost is $5.  (Watch an interview with Bethany here)
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Media Contact: Barbara Clifford 0421 259 045

Local Artists Supported to Secure Funding for Live Alice Mparntwe Arts Program.

Dale Wakefield, has announced Round 2 recipients of the Live Alice Mparntwe Arts program. The program supports arts and creative events or activities to enliven the Alice Springs CBD.  Collectively the nine recipients have been allocated $140,836 in funding.

Red Hot Arts has supported three of the nine projects through auspicing their grant submissions and continue to offer support to Dave Nixon’s Story Wall project from Round 1 of the grants.

Pat Ansell Dodds, one of three well known artists, will be sharing her art and culture with free, interactive demonstrations with visitors to Alice Springs.  Ms Ansell-Dodds said “Mpartwe, Undoolya and Elempe is Arrente country, but when visitors come here to Alice Springs the galleries and art those visitors see is mostly from other cultures in Central Australia. The Central Arrente culture, artists and stories need to be seen by visitors and known across the world.” The demonstrations will include the artists painting traditional stories, talks on the stories using the paintings. Sessions will also have interactive components for guests to understand the techniques used in traditional painting. Separately there will be walking tours by the artists telling stories of the locations in and around the CBD.

Markus Kuchenbuch will be working with a String Assemble, creating a magical ambience in the Todd Mall on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, with beautiful classical music performances with mostly chamber music from Bach, Mozart, Schubert to Piazzolla, Carl Vine, Elena Kats-Chernin and Sculthorpe.

Local Knowledge is a print map and walking tour of Alice Springs showcasing community stories connected to sites around the CBD. The map will present the Alice Springs as an engaging cultural landscape through text and graphics depicting individual and group stories and sites. “The map invites visitors to experience the town through local eyes,” said community artist, Kelly Lee Hickey.  “It will give residents the opportunity to discover new stories about familiar places. While maps of the CBD do exist, there is no resource like this presenting local stories connected to site in an easily accessible format. “The map will be both a public artwork, and form the basis of a walking tour which are popular throughout the world. The map will be launched with a walking tour of the sites led by Ms Hickey.

King Marong African Drum and Dance project is an inclusive community-based initiative, designed to allow people of all ages and from all walks of life to come together without prejudice and participate in an environment of rhythmically based discovery. Blending demonstration with expectation, up to 40 drumming participants at a time (no cap on dance/singing participants) are taken on a musical journey with no experience required.

Dave Nixon, who was a recipient in Round 1 of the Arts program, will continue with his project to reactive “Story Wall” a free public cinema on the lawns of Adelaide House in the Todd Mall that screens films licensed from local producers and the National Film & Sound Archive that referenced central Australia. In addition, StoryWall will produce its own films – digital stories – that broadened representation of the town’s cultural diversity and enriched its mythology by exploring ‘who we are, what we think and feel’. Mr Nixon hopes that “future developments of the project will engage local community groups and provide pop up shops for digital interaction such as high res scanning, interviewing space and workshops on how to make content with your own devices”.

Red Hot Arts provides an innovative auspicing service including advice and support on budget, applications, super and WorkCover. Red Hot Arts also provides applicants with letters of support.

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Media Contact: Barbara Clifford 0421 259 045

Art Centre Manager – Papulankutja Artists

Art Centre Manager

$60,000–$70,000 plus superannuation, 6 weeks annual leave and generous benefits.

The directors and artists of Papulankutja Artists are seeking an arts professional with a proven record of achieving positive artistic, economic and social outcomes in an arts or cultural organisation.

Based in Papulankutja (Blackstone Community) at the foot of the picturesque Blackstone Ranges on the northern edge of the Great Victoria Desert in Western Australia, the new Art Centre Manager will work with the board of directors, art workers and artists to successfully manage all aspects of their art centre.

Applications close at 9.00 am (CST) on Monday 17 July 2017.

The job information package for this position is available from or call Karin at Desart on 08 8953 4736.

EOI- Live Alice Mparntwe Arts Program


The Live Alice Mparntwe Arts Program supports arts and cultural initiatives which activate the Alice Springs CBD from October 2017 to June 2018 through two funding rounds.

 Funding of up to $50 000 is available for proposals from not-for-profit arts organisations, individuals and groups.

 Expressions of Interest are also open for Producer (s) and Production support to deliver the Live Alice Mparntwe Arts Program with Arts NT.

 Arts NT – The Old Courthouse, 27 Hartley St, Alice Springs

10AM MONDAY 17 JULY                                   

 5.30PM MONDAY 17 JULY                                                                                              

For more information:  Call 1800 678 237 or visit

NLA Creative Fellowships

The National Library offers three Fellowships to support practising writers and artists to develop new work creatively using or inspired by the Library’s collections.

The Library provides creative artists with a unique and supportive environment in which to immerse themselves in the collections. The Fellowship enables artists to be inspired by, repurpose, transform or imaginatively respond to published sources, such as music, maps, rare books or ephemera, or original sources, such as pictures, manuscripts, oral histories and folklore recordings, in any way.

Applications close July 28.

Desert Festival EOIs now open for 2017.

Desert Festival Expressions Of Interest (EOIs) are now open for 2017.




DESERT FESTIVAL August 18-7th September

Please note that our EOI system is in a beta testing period and we would love your help to fix bugs.

Presenting at Desert Festival

The Desert Festival is a great way to deepen your involvement with central desert life and grow audiences for creative works. Our priority is for everyone involved: crew, artists, arts workers, photographers, audiences, supporters and volunteers to have a variety of culturally safe, positive and sustainable experiences.
While we can’t produce your event for you, we will support you to ensure your event is a success. Your registration fee gets you in the program, on the website, and speaking to an actual person.

Shows at the Hub usually have a small run of 2-3 performances and we recommend smaller seasons for other venues as well

As an open access festival, the Desert Festival programs first-timers to seasoned pros. We plan to continue building a Central Desert Family from all walks of life – meeting, collaborating, and enjoying each other’s art, skills, ideas and company.

The Desert Festival is a great opportunity to reach new audiences with your work.


The Desert Festival has two ways of presenting  work, and two types of applications – Hub and General.

Hub applicants are applying for a spot in one of our Hub venues – The Desert Garden and Montes, for example. We run these spaces during the Desert Festival, and provide the infrastructure to make the venues work.

General applications, on the other hand, mean you get to organise whatever venue you want! You find the venue, organise the details, and then we program your show as part of the festival. Get creative, art can be presented anywhere!



For Alice Desert Festival or Red Hot Arts program enquiries, please contact:

Artist Liason Emi Day (08) 8952 2392