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A Storyteller’s Guide To Storytelling

Due to medical reasons Jan has had to cancel his workshop. Ticket holders will be refunded. Jan intends to still do the shows.

If the Bible was an academic thesis rather than a story, Christianity would never have caught on. Such is the power of story – a phrase that has become fashionable but is nevertheless true.

So why and how do stories ‘work’?  What do they work for? Sometimes for good or evil, or to pass the time of day, to bind us together or divide us, to tell the truth and to tell lies – to ourselves and others – and to simply take us to another place or simply remember what we value.

Storyteller Jan ‘Yarn’ Wositzky has worked with stories across many forms – acclaimed one man shows, award-winning radio and television documentaries, best-selling oral history books, songwriting, audio tours and simply yarning around the campfire or the dinner table.

In this workshop Jan will share stories he’s found or written – Australian history stories, quirky tales, myths, personal yarns – and talk about how stories work structurally and how they influence our lives and our ideas.

There will be time for discussions and questions, and it will be entertaining, Jan always following the overlooked commandment on that tablet: Thou Shalt Not Be Boring.

for Jan’s bio go to: https://www.janwositzky.com.au/bio/

90 mins including Q&A

Cost: $20

Where: Red Hot Arts Central Australia


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