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OPENING: 6pm, Friday 12th August
EXHIBITION: 12th August — 3rd September
ARTIST TALK: 11am, 13th August


AB/OB/JECTIONS is a semantic interrogation of ways of being. Consider the terms ‘subject’, ‘object’ and ‘abject’. A mere prefix fixes what is in and what is out of being and time.

Often, queer bodies hold memories and knowledge of shifting between subject, object and abject positions. As designations, these positions can be both liberatory and brutal.

Whilst the prefixes ‘sub’, ‘ob’ and ‘ab’ articulate states of being, The ‘ject’ of subject, object and abject (as well as eject, reject, inject etc.) introduces dynamic movement into the question of being.

‘Ject’ speaks to throwing, jettisoning and casting.

AB/OB/JECTIONS explores aspects of being that are thrown or cast through the fluid materialities of wax, text and flesh.

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