Alice Springs Cinema Film Festival – “Jirga”

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Every now and again someone makes a film in circumstances that are hard to believe. Jirga is one such.

Benjamin Gilmour, who made Son of a Lion, is a Sydney paramedic and filmmaker with a strange combination of talents: he’s very passionate about trying to make a better world; a little redemptive perhaps, being the son of an Anglican preacher, but crazy brave.

Maybe the paramedic work fuels that desire to patch up the world, because that’s what Jirga is: the story of an Australian soldier, played by Sam Smith, who goes back to a village in Afghanistan to atone for his sins. Three years earlier, he’d killed a man who stepped out of a doorway during a night raid. The man’s wife and son had dragged his lifeless body back into their house and the Australian soldiers moved on – except that Wheeler (Smith) can’t move on.

This film is part of the 2018 Alice Springs Cinemas Film Festival 19th-21st October.

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