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Hope you all had a restful and relaxing holiday season.

This group as an offshoot of the Australian Fairytale Society group that I was apart of in Adelaide. Meet up and talk about your favourite fairytales. Analyse their themes and discuss their implications on society and how they have been changed by popular culture.

Our first fairytale of 2020 is going to be Rapunzel!

Please read the story before hand and have a think about your reaction to it, whether or not you liked it, things that stood out to you either positively or negatively.
Some things to think about while reading this story could be:
What is the role of the witch? Rapunzels parents? The tower? Rapunzel herself?
Feel free to bring along any art work or pictures that you come across relating to the story and also any retellings of the story that you find interesting.

I will include below some links you might find useful.

Terri Windling’s essay on the Rapunzel fairytale:

The Grimms Brothers verson of Rapunzel:

Our meetings will be held once a month on a Sunday at the Watertank Cafe.

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