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Works in progress by members of the Amoonguna Softball Team… telling the story of the legendary Black and Blue pants 80s softball team.

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With homemade uniforms, the dusting off, borrowing and gathering of gloves, masks, bats and balls, the ‘Black Pants’ Amoonguna Soft Ball team entered the B-Grade Alice Springs Softball competition in 1982. The recent town competition had not seen the likes of this passionate team. Incredibly skilled, they displayed a dead eye, a good arm and could hit the ball a mile to languidly run the diamond, and bring those on base home. The 1980s Amoonguna Softball team is the stuff of legends and to this day, the 1980s era of softball is storied, laughed, cried, argued over and celebrated not only by the players, but the community as a whole.

The women of Amoonguna want their recollections documented and made visible in ways that anchor their pleasure, success and skill. They want their experience recorded and understood in their terms and they believe that now is a good time for this to happen. This work-in-progress showing will include sculptures made by first base player in the Amoonguna Black and Blue pants teams Margaret Palmer and second base player, Vicki Crowley, alongside audio recordings telling the story of the softball in 1980s Amoonguna. Members of those 1980s team will be present to introduce their story.

There will be an exhibition opening and talk by the artists on Sunday 9th December, 7:00-8:00 pm.

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