Carbiene McDonald Tjangala: ‘Petermann Ranges’

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RAFT artspace & Papunya Tjupi present

Carbiene McDonald Tjangala

Petermann Ranges

Solo exhibition of new work

12 September – 3 October

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This is the next chapter of the Carbiene McDonald Tjangala as artist on fire story. Carbiene has always drawn in the sand but has only recently painted on canvas. Since he discovered a passion for paint in 2018 he has continued to develop his visual language, informed by four significant sites of his fathers country.

This is a dreamy, ethereal show, something that really needs to be experienced physically.

If you’re out of town, please see website for images of the show and we will soon have a little video walk-through so you can see the show in situ.

Please note that, unfortunately, we will not be holding an opening reception (for obvious reasons…). You are still warmly welcomed into the gallery during opening hours and we look forward to seeing you here.

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