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1 DAY IMMERSION OF SELF-DISCOVERY, TRANSFORMATION & SELF-LOVE for Women and Men.It is about 15 years since I was in Alice Springs and I am so excited to be returning again to explore the stunning uniqueness that is the Red Centre. Alice Springs holds a special place in my heart as it was the first place I lived in Australia after leaving Africa, the place of my birth, when I was 18 years old. I now live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and am thrilled to return AND share my passion for helping people gain EMOTIONAL and PHYSICAL FREEDOM and GROWTH through ART.I invite you to a special therapeutically creative and expressive day of immersion focusing on unleashing and expanding your true vibrant colours so you can return to more unconditional self-love.

Sometimes our colour feels:

~ dimmed down because we feel controlled, stuck and unexpressed
~ washed out from dealing with physical or emotional pain
~ dis-coloured due to stress and fear

I offer a safe and inspiring space for you to express make sense of and free yourself from whatever it is that is holding you back from fully expressing your true colours.

The beautiful thing is, you do not need to know anything about art to engage and reap the benefits!

You will learn and grow more mindfulness, balance, self-acceptance, self-value, clarity, confidence, harmony, hope and love. It will be a day of connecting to your creative self, using pastels, collage, clay, journaling, mindfulness, meditation, sound and movement. I will gently guide you on a journey individually and collectively, delving deeply into who you are, exploring your values and what you stand for; helping you to peel back and let go of what no longer works for you, so you feel lighter and more able to connect to and express your authentic and true essence. You will come to a place where you will feel held and nurtured. A place where transformations take place. A place where you feel comfortable to express your true colours and celebrate returning to loving ALL of you!

Delicious! I can’t wait!

WHEN: Sat 29 June
TIME: 9 – 5pm
HOST: Françoise Builder

ONLY 10 SPACES available for this healing, nourishing and fun day where all you need to bring is:
~ An open mind and willingness to explore
~ Comfy clothes you feel free to express in without worrying about mess
~ Water bottle
~ Hat
~ Journal

PRICE: $120
INCLUDES: All art materials, lunch, morning & afternoon tea, and much more!

FOR BOOKINGS go to: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/create-to-change-for-women-and-men-in-alice-springs-tickets-63042909038 or simple call Helen on 0419467442. I would love to take you on a therapeutically creative journey to more FREEDOM!

SUPER EXCITED ALICE SPRINGS! Can’t wait to feel your red earth beneath my feet again!

In creativity and love, Helen

ABOUT HELEN BRADSHAW ~ ‘Life is art in motion; let’s explore it together’

Growing up in Southern Africa forms Helen’s foundation of life. Her upbringing was vibrant, eclectic and sometimes unstable. Living alongside many different cultures and witnessing their diverse qualities of life, made her deeply curious about people and what makes us tick. Why can some people live happy purposeful lives when they have so little? How do people who have experienced so much adversity still come from a place of love?

Helen is passionate about helping people who have faced challenges and life experiences such as these, where life seems to be tipped on its head and we may feel like we have lost touch with who we are and the direction we want our life to go in. As a ‘survivor’ of many things….one of them being breast cancer, Helen draws on her own diverse life experience and deep understanding and knowledge of Growth Through Art to enhance the support and understanding of each of her clients own personal life journeys. This enables an empathy that allows strong authentic connections with her clients both individually and in a group setting.

Helen sees her healing through engaging in Art Therapy as an important experience to share; it got her out of her head and not living by how others viewed her. It inspired her to fully express herself; something which Art Therapy is so good at doing. Once we have the courage to say, “enough!” and begin to trust ourselves we are able to rise up and stand in our power.

Helen holds a creative space for people to re-discover themselves no matter where they are on their life journey, knowing from her personal and professional experience that within the creative process new perspectives become visible. From these new perspectives, possibilities arise to transform old patterns of behavior and ways of being that no longer serve us. This creates space for healing, re-empowerment, personal growth, a chance to more fully express oneself and feel more peace and joy in our life.

In addition to working with clients and helping them to grow through art, Helen enjoys making her own art, practicing mindfulness as she immerses herself in nature, swimming, dancing, walking her dog Oscar and spending quality time with her partner, family and friends.

Apart from qualifications in Art Therapy, Diversional Therapy, Visual Arts and a current Blue Card, Helen is the founder of “Growth Through Art” and “Openhearted Women’s Network”. She is based in beautiful Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast, she is a Published Artist, Creative Mentor and conducts workshops throughout Australia and overseas.

FOR BOOKINGS go to: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/create-to-change-for-women-and-men-in-alice-springs-tickets-63042909038 OR simple call Helen on 0419467442.


~ WEBSITE: http://growththroughart.com.au/
~ FB: https://www.facebook.com/GrowthThroughArt/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/422480955186960/

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