Creativity Boost- 8 week course

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Creativity Boost with Tamara Burlando is at once an individual and group process where you will reconnect to your own creative source.
This course is for all creative people who would love a boost of inspiration to overcome feeling flat or disconnected to their own artistic practice.
It doesn’t matter which mediums you work in, we will explore, play and discuss each participant’s ideas in a supportive and safe group environment.
It’s a dynamic and committed 8-week course in a 10 week period.
You will challenge yourself to find out: who are you right now? Where is your creative narrative? What thing do you love doing and what makes you feel uncomfortable? We will go deep in our personal practice and we will allow ourselves to make “mistakes” to explore and go beyond our comfort zones to grow creatively.
Dates: Mondays 22/7, 29/7, 5/8, 12/8, 19/8, 26/8 (here we’ll have a 2-week break for participants to have time to develop their work and have 2 final sessions to present it) 16/9, 23/9.

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