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Following 2 years of COVID-triggered cancellations, the 2022 Desert Song Festival is roaring back with an ambitious program of music, art, cultural experiences, the ‘Climate Caravan’ and a Climate and Land Symposium. Choirs, singers, musicians, Climate Scientists and Indigenous Knowledge-keepers will collaborate to present a cutting-edge festival, fostering a genuine interaction between Climate Science and the Arts.

Themed ‘Our Climate, Our Planet, Our Future’ with a strong focus on the future of our planet, the 2022 Festival will provide a platform, particularly for youth, youth choirs and artists to make art and music for the planet and its climate. The future is theirs and DSF 2022 will seek to amplify their voices through art, music and symposia. The viability of the planet for generations to come is at stake and as we face the existential reality of dangerous climate change and global warming, the values of DSF impress upon the organisers the need to make music and ‘sing a song’ for the planet as a tool for climate action.

During the months prior to the Festival, singers, choirs and musicians from across Australia are being invited to sing and make music for the planet in their localities once a month, by singing 3 songs, unfurling a banner, standing in silence, rolling up the banner and going home, returning month by month to do the same, as a means of galvanisingpublic support for serious action for the climate from all sectors of the Australian community.

Then, DSF is inviting as many choirs as are able, to bring that energy and experience to the Desert Song Festival in Alice Springs in September 2022. We are calling this initiative, the ‘Climate Caravan’ – a ‘pilgrimage of song’ journeying from across Australia, to attend the 2022 DSF. A ‘Climate Caravan’ pack will be provided to each choir, ensemble and party of travellers. They will be asked to sing and make music for the climate as they travel – on planes, by train, on the road and in campgrounds, sharing the message of climate action as they travel to the Festival.

Add to this the cultural visits to remote communities; the Central Australian premiere of Spinifex Gum presented by the Marliya Choir from Cairns; ‘From the Desert to the Arafura Sea’, the Festival’s intercultural musical collaboration between the Djari Project and the Central Australian Aboriginal Women’s Choir; two magical nights at the Earth Sanctuary ‘Under the Southern Cross’;  A cappella in the Gorge and so much more!

The NT is a robust crucible of living languages and vibrant cultures. This is the ‘cradle’ of the Desert Song Festival (DSF). The depth of wisdom and culture of 60,000 years of human occupation of Central Australia informs and shapes a Festival program that celebrates Aboriginal languages and culture through performances that foster pride, resilience and social cohesion amongst the Centralian community and audiences.

DSF invites you to take ‘the essential Australian Journey’ this September to Alice Springs where the unique story of human occupation, resilience and culture will be celebrated in Central Australia’s most popular festival. Across 10 days of exceptional music-making from the glittering Parade of Performers in the Todd Mall in the Alice Springs CBD to the magic of Kwartatuma – Ormiston Gorge, Festival-goers are in for a treat as choirs and musicians from across Australia and visiting international artists present over 50 events again showcasing cultural diversity and artistic brilliance celebrating the singer, the song, the instrument, the land and its people.

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