Drinking Water

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Drinking Water
by Sete Tele & Lisa Hirmer

6pm, Friday 13th September

11th – 28th September 2019

Water is both personal and political— it matters both globally and at the very visceral scale of the body. For water to become a commodity, it must be encapsulated. Lines must be drawn around it to say this water is owned by this person.

Water moves; it flows and leaks away; it evaporates, drifts through the air; it condenses elsewhere.

Drinking Water is a participatory project—created by Australian dance artist Sete Tele and Canadian interdisciplinary artist Lisa Hirmer.

In response to the precarity of water systems around the world and increasing injustice around its use and distribution, this multifaceted work examines the movements of water relative to human life, at the scale of the body, the scales of inter-human and human-place relationships, and at the scale of the planet. It uses careful tracing of water’s movements to create a space where participant-audiences can think together about the ways water as a material resists commodification.

Drinking Water invites members of the comunity to participate in this project.

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