Enduring Space by Leen Rieth at Watch This Space

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Join us for the first exhibition of the year!

13th - 30th March

Friday 29th March, 6pm

Leen Rieth uses self-experimentation as a method to study experiences of institutional spaces. Leen’s performances and sculptures invite detailed analysis of the role of the artist, and the physical, emotional and intellectual processes involved in participating in institutional art.

Leen’s work will respond to the specific structure of the WTS gallery, particularly the large pane of windows that run along the South-West facing wall. It is an interesting feature, to allow so much natural light into the gallery space. The space feels occupied as the sunlight stretches across the floor in the afternoon. Leen will use the sunlight as the basis for a performance where they will occupy the patch of light that comes through the windows. They will travel with it as it moves across the gallery space. They will perform each day the exhibition is open (Wed-Sat afternoons for three weeks). Moving with the sunlight is an opportunity to study how phenomena that are often kept out of institutional spaces, do enter, persist, and stretch out through them.
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