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Epoxy Resin Art Masterclass

November 27, 2021 @ 9:30 am - November 28, 2021 @ 4:30 pm

🎨 Epoxy Resin Art Masterclass 🖌️🖼️

Got a young person who would love a day out? Over 60 and love making art?

Would you like to have a go at creating your own art masterpieces to give as a gift to a loved one at Christmas, or would you like to send a loved one to the art workshop to make their own masterpiece?

🎨 Step away from your digital distractions and enter the magical, mindful world of resin.

In this class at Red Hot Arts, 67 Bath Street, Alice Springs, you will create a piece of colourful, resin art using a food-safe medium known as ‘liquid glass’.

🎨 Making resin art is a fun, unpredictable creative activity with fantastic results even for beginners to capture fluid subjects and concepts.

It’s also expensive, messy and can be a little intimidating to start. Which is why you will be given the benefit of years of experience and free reign to experiment and this class will provide you with everything you need to know about it.

🎨 For all levels from beginners to experienced, we will walk you through all the knowledge & hands-on activities to create your very own resin wall art masterpiece.

Over two-and-a-half hours you will be led through the utterly absorbing process of mixing, pigmenting and pouring resin. Watch in wonder as colours collide and your art emerges.

🎨 Master the magical skills to make beautiful & stylish resin art pieces of your own.

🎨 You will be able to choose to create an ocean, forest, desert or figurative art piece and learn the techniques involved to personalise your masterpiece with your own creative flair.

For beginners, the first work you create will be a chance to get to know the materials and explore the behaviours of different colours.

🎨 You will be provided with safety gear, a choice of wooden art panels ranging from serving trays, drink and meal trays, small round tables, cutting and chopping boards as well as food-safe resin and pigment powders needed to create a gorgeous piece of art.

Your finished pieces will require a drying period of 12 hours so will need to be collected the next day from the studio.

🎨 Our talented artist instructors will help you create your own piece of resin art & learn all aspects including;

▶️ Learn what epoxy resin is and the safety required to use it.

▶️ Explore the mixing of different pigments & colours.

▶️ Design your own artwork & use your own colour choices.

▶️ Learn the trade secrets in creating the perfect high gloss finish

Join this 2.5 hour fun-filled, art therapy workshop & create your very own resin art masterpiece.

The workshop runs from 09:30 am – 12:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday and also 02:00 pm ~ 04:30 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Each workshop is $159.34 including ticket handling fees.

🎨 This workshop is for all levels & will give you the knowledge of epoxy resin techniques used in application to an artboard of your choice.

Creations will need to be picked up the following day when dry.

👕 This is a sticky & messy medium that you will love, book yourself into one of our workshops today.

👟 Safety eyewear, disposable gloves, apron, cold drinks and snacks will be provided and please wear enclosed nonslip shoes.

🎨 Purchase tickets here ▶️ https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/alice-springs-epoxy-resin-art-class-tickets-182971000187

📲 Message for any questions.

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