Exhibition: Rest Stop by Bec Capp

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3pm, Saturday 27th July

24th July – 10th August, 2019

Rest Stop is an exhibition by Bec Capp which addresses her experience with mental health. The exhibition explores the connection between wellness and arts engagement.

The Tanamai is a notoriously tedious road. Straight, forever, with the section I frequently drive being lined with mulga trees offering few nice views.  About 120kms west of Alice Springs there is a rest stop off the side of the road. It provides some shade, there are two picnic tables, it has a bin, I can let my dog out to pee. There isn’t much to do but rest, though that’s why I like it here.

Bec Capp works predominately with photography and has had her work exhibited in group exhibitions and published in photographic publications/journals across Australia and overseas. In 2015, Bec undertook a research thesis as part of her Masters degree in Art Curatorship, where she studied the role arts engagement can play in preventing burn-out due to the positive cognitive effects it can provide. Since then, her arts practice has explored this connection between art and wellbeing, primarily in using art making as a mindfulness tool to address her own experiences with mental health.

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