Flower Power an exhibition of paintings by Jennifer Taylor

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Plants grow with the power of the land… all medicinal plants grow with the healing power of the country in them.

Margaret Kemarre Turner OAM, Iwenhe Tyerrtye – What it means to be an Aboriginal person.

Mrs Turner writes about how people ‘skite’ about their local plants, and praise them up: ‘oh yes, those plants grow out of the Land, ripe with the spirit of their own soil – the spirit of the Land that’s always there, even though the plants themselves come and go.’

Mrs Turner’s words inspired this group of paintings celebrating the power and vitality of local plants – their foliage, flowers, and fruit. When I see the cassias and eremophilas come into in flower again in the hills around Mparntwe/Alice Springs, I think about the time of year and the kind of season we are having. Plants evoke seasonal changes associated with particular places, and the birds and insects that belong there. Plants and people can’t be separated – we need their healing and nurturing power. They draw us in to connection with the ‘more-than-human’ world.

Jennifer Taylor, 2019

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