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On The Wing presents: INTRO TO IMPROV!

Join us for this FREE 2-hour workshop that will introduce you to some of the basic principles of improvisation, a.k.a. ‘improv’.

Within the workshop we will, through games and activities, unpack some of the language around improvisation and explore concepts like:

✳️ Making and accepting an ‘offer’
✳️ Taking risks
✳️ Sharing or relinquishing responsibility
✳️ Being present and ‘in the moment’
✳️ Finding the game
✳️ Trusting our instincts

The ability to improvise is arguably one of the most useful tools an actor can have, but regardless of whether or not you see yourself as a “performer”, improvisation is an incredibly useful skill to have as a human – especially when dealing with other humans.

Improvisation allows you to move beyond the social awkwardness and anxiety – worries about “sounding dumb” or “saying the wrong thing”.

Improvisation helps strengthen your problem-solving abilities by allowing you to approach challenges from different angles. Cooperation with your fellow collaborator(s) is paramount to improvisation. You MUST listen to each other!

✍️Notepad and pen

NB. This is a practical workshop, and we will be on our feet for parts of it. Please wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing.

For those who enjoy this introductory workshop, the offer exists to enrol in our 4-week ‘IMPROVISATION FOUNDATIONS’ course, that will begin on April 18 (see seperate event for more details).

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