Heatwork – Group Show

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Still-warm squishy messy splattered cracked smashed smooshed centred wobbly wheel thrown simple layered smooth goopy handbuilt sloppy fine lumpy fragile dry wet broken slipcast molten formed recycled refractory porous textured delicate strong rough high-fired misshapen groggy vitreous symmetrical deflocculated translucent powdered monochrome colourful melted low-fired slumped polished sanded textured carved pierced scratched and speckly.

Heatwork is a pageant of ceramic works by Charles Darwin University’s ceramics students in homage to the passages of experimentation, the exuberance of learning and the many textures of clay and its processes.

EXHIBITION: 12-25 November
OPENING: Friday 12 November, 6-8PM
SALES: Saturdays 13 & 20 Nov, 10AM-2PM

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