Honouring Culture in Writing – making cross cultural writing benefit everyone

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How do you honour your own culture in your writing? How do you depict it in ways that are meaningful and engaging?

How do you write about culture that brings pride to yourself, others and the readers?

How can your research and writing improve Settler-Indigenous relations?

How can you position your writing into the wider socio-cultural field in ways that benefit First Nations’ Peoples in Australia’s remote Aboriginal communities.

This workshop will provide techniques and insights into how to write stories that move cross culturally. Zohl dé Ishtar has spent her life living and working with Indigenous Australian and Pacific women, and their communities, to protect their Cultures, Customs, Laws, Lives and Country. For the past 20 years Zohl has lived with the Women Elders of the Balgo Community where she co-founded and managed the Kapululangu Aboriginal Women’s Law and Culture Centre. Zohl has written two books about these experiences; Daughters of the Pacific (1994) & Holding Yawulyu: White Culture and Black Women’s Law (2005). (Both published by Spinifex Press, Australia) and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005.

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