Human Rights Film Festival and IndigiTUBE launch

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The Desert Festival is proud to present: “After the Apology”.

Director: Larissa Behrendt

Suellyn thought FACS would only remove children in extreme cases until her own grandchildren were taken. Hazel decided to take on the FACS system after her fourth grandchild was taken into state care. Jen Swan was raising her grandchildren until she was deemed unsuitable by FACS. The rate of Indigenous child removal has increased at an exponential rate since Prime Minister Kevin Rudd delivered the apology to the ‘stolen generations’ in 2008. Hazel started GMAR as a response to the rising rates of child removal and along the way she has been joined by families across Australia in the battle to bring the kids home. Together are not only taking on the system, they are changing it.

This is a free event.

This free event will also feature a launch of IndigiTUBE.


indigiTUBE has been redeveloped by and for First Nations people, preserving language and culture for our future generations. The national go-to media platform will serve as a centralised access point for our music, radio, video, oral histories, stories and archives. indigiTUBE will build value for our media; providing a promotional tool for artists, curating features and helping to build story for contributors and events. indigiTUBE is building cultural and creative bridges for First Nations communities to share their stories, supporting our power to change attitudes and create unifying value for our nation. For more info visit

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