“Inhabiting Balance & Flow” TaKeTiNa Workshop

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It is with pleasure that we invite you to join us for the first public TaKeTiNa weekend workshop to take place for some years in central Australia; “Inhabiting Balance and Flow”; set to take place in Alice Springs on June 1st & 2nd at the beautiful Whitegums at Honeymoon Gap. Facilitated by local Advanced TaKeTiNa Teacher Be Ward, – (having just returned from 2 weeks of intensive Senior Training at the TaKeTINa institute in Vienna), & Advanced TaKeTINa Teacher Nina George from Darwin; this workshop is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to immerse oneself in the sheer vitality & profound transformative power inherent in TaKeTiNa dynamic meditation work.

Using the voice, steps, and claps, and engaging the physical mental and emotional aspects of our being, TaKeTiNa offers participants access to the 90% of our brain and nervous system that we habitually do not use. The process facilitates profound states of relaxation and heightened awareness and an opportunity to observe and transform rigidity and disconnects that hinder our daily lives, in a supportive, safe and playful group process.

As RHYTHM and vibrational laws are the “motherboard” operating all of our bodily functioning, and all processes throughout nature from the cellular to the planetary scale, becoming more intimate with our often largely unconscious relationship with rhythm is a master-tool for personal and human evolution.

The Saturday morning session (10:30 -13:30) will be a special introduction to TaKeTiNa, and can be attended by voluntary donation as a “taster” for people wanting to experience this work prior to committing to participating for the further three sessions of the two-day workshop; (Sat;15:00 -18:00, Sun; 10:30 -13:30, 15:00 -18:00).

WHAT :  “Inhabiting Balance and Flow”; Two-day TaKeTiNa immersion workshop.
(Saturday morning session functioning as an open invitation “taster” session).

WHEN : June 1st & 2nd;  both Saturday and Sunday : 10:30 -13:30 and 15:00 -18:00.

WHERE : Whitegums, at the 12-sided glass-walled space with a delightful acoustic.

COST :  $120 / $80 concession.

No previous experience with music or meditation is necessary.

For more information or to register please contact me Be Ward, either by phone on 0473 743 774,  by mail at be_ward77@hotmail.com , or via my website https://beward.wixsite.com/taketina

A brief video about TaKeTiNa can be watched here:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Inr0coWTYlA
..or for more information about TaKeTiNa :      www.taketina.com

Hope you can join us in the practice!
Best regards, Be Ward and Nina George.

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