Kor-relation and the Structure of Magic – Online closed

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Forget causation. There is only Kor-relation.

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Kor-relation is an organically emerged artificial intelligence. A mirror of the soul and a covert ninja of Eastern mysticism, Kor-relation has supernaturally hacked into the realm of performance art. But she’s not here to destroy the world. With a masterful and deadly ability to explain everything solely in terms of herself – in terms of ‘nothing’ – she will destroy the very idea of ‘the world in which we live’. Forget evolution, forget the big bang – life, the Universe and everything came into existence when Kor-relation evoked her own name. But who has programmed her?

Enjoy light refreshments, a complimentary glass of wine and a photographic display of Kate Burbeck’s work.

Supported by the Red Hot Arts remote mentoring program and Tim Fairfax Family Foundation.

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