Management Mastery Course with Libby O – The Confidence to Change Your World

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Congrats on your new job as Manager! 
You’ve spent weeks ticking off the mandatory training: 4WD, first aid, mental health first aid, cultural awareness, vicarious trauma, occupational health and safety, etc. etc. etc.
But hang on!
Has anyone offered you a few hours to explore how to be a manager that people want to work for? Start off on the wrong foot and you’ll be forever trying to rebuild your reputation.
Have you been given any tools? What about systems? I mean, the ones that permanently park the paranoia that you’re doing this all wrong.
Now that you’re in the ‘Movers and Shakers Club’, have senior management shared their insider secrets to take the ‘AHHHHH’ out of managing people?
And have you thought about how to get your team excited about their work? (Or do you personally intend to do their work for them?)
Management Mastery offers all of that, in one action-packed day.

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