Mel Robson: Intersections and Boundaries

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Presented by Araluen Arts Centre

Intersections and Boundaries is the culmination of Alice Springs ceramic artist Mel Robson’s research and experimentation as the Araluen Cultural Precinct Creative in Residence recipient. Responding to both two and three dimensional works from the Araluen Art Collection and engaging with the local community, Robson has created a new body of ceramic works exploring the idea of Place, through the lens of mapping and cartography.

Robson uses material, form, surface and mark-making to ask what it is we actually mean when we talk of ‘a Sense of Place’, how we position ourselves in the landscape, the ways in which we develop a personal sense of place, how we might find ourselves at home (or not) in the places we live, and the literal and metaphorical intersections and boundaries embedded in Place.

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