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It’s happening all the time, within and around us, a change of form or nature into a completely different and new state of being. When a caterpillar becomes a chrysalis it dissolves and the remaining dormant cells begin a process of creating a new form and structure. These Imaginal Cells already contain the future blueprint of the flying creature it will become. Change is Always in the air. What Imaginal Cells are you embodying and how do you dance the dance of continuous transition and evolution?

5Rhythms is a free form dance of deep surrender, a moving prayer, a medicinal prescription of whole-body dancing for these graphic times.
Founded by Gabrielle Roth, 5Rhythms® is a kickass dynamic moving meditation that journeys through a mandala map called the Wave-Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, Stillness

When: Friday 8th July 6-8pm
Where: GUTS Dance Studio (rear of Araluen Arts Centre)
Tickets: $30…

5Rhythms is:
If you must check your phone, please leave the hall and do so in the Foyer
SHOE FREE- bare feet or dance shoes please
The Dance Floor is a sacred silent space. Please talk in the foyer before or after class.
Your silence on the dance floor makes all the difference
We get high on being alive!
All people are welcome. We all evolve in our own timing
As you enter the dance space, most likely the teacher will be playing a Wave for you to warm up to. This is a time for you to warm up from the inside out. Take some time to tune into your body, surrender the day and allow your body to guide you with what it needs as you transition through the 5Rhythms, Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, Stillness
After the warm up, the teacher will guide you through the 5Rhythms and more Waves will be danced. Please pace yourself where you need to be. You know your body best.
Dance YOUR dance, for you, your body holds the medicine you need.

The space held is sacred and safe.
Touch always requires consent.
Personal Space must be respected at all times.
This is a clothes on practice

RIVKA WORTH is one of Australia’s leading exponents of Conscious Dance, facilitating embodiment in health, justice, education, arts and environmental settings. Her dance floors range from church halls, sandy lined shores, leafy green forests and red desert earth.
Rivka’s love of dance and nature come together in her work, Eco Soma; devoted to re-building healthy relationships with nature through embodied practice. Rivka offers Eco-Somatic practices of listening, presence and renewal through physical and sensory bonding with the natural world. Rivka’s holds a BA Dance, Eco-Somatic Educator, Certified 5Rhythms teacher, Certified Futuring Trainer and is an author, mother, performing artist and embodiment coach. She thrives on bringing humans together in ceremonial dance, where freedom, connection and transformation are individually and collectively embodied.
To go on her mail list for upcoming classes, workshops and events please email:

Covid Safety
Do not attend if unwell or exposed to someone with Covid. You will be issued a full refund.
This is an inclusive event open to all. Please take responsibility for your own needs around personal space. Our covid safety plan will be in action

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