My History, Your History, Our History

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In 230 years, British colonisers managed to wipe out ancient languages and ancient peoples on this continent. Initially through explicit massacres, this genocide continues insidiously; institutionalized through policies of assimilation, integration and reconciliation. The legacy of these policies are stolen children, stolen land, locked up children, deaths in custody, stolen futures.

Sylvia Perrurle Neale deals with this reality, and how it is embodied by First Nations people, in her performance My History, Your History, Our History. The experimental solo work points to the time warp of promises broken and lies spoken by the successive commonwealth governments of Australia that have ensured the living conditions for First Nations communities have gotten worse; just as the ongoing occupation and colonisation of these lands demands.

Neale invites the audience into this; a world of frustration, sorrow and anger of her communities.

“This anger and frustration is hidden deep inside each of us, and often, bursts out with a vengeance, is misinterpreted, punished, returning hidden until the next time.”

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