Nada Yoga and Kirtan with Gyanananda

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Centred in Choice is delighted to host a Nada Yoga & Kirtan program at Om Bhavan, 47 Coolibah Crescent, East Side, NT 0870, with Gyanananda, a Syndey-based kirtanist and yoga teacher, on Saturday 11 May, 2 – 5.30pm.  All are welcome!

Immerse yourself in the healing and uplifting qualities of voice and sound. Relax, restore and energise your body and mind with Nada yoga at 2pm followed by afternoon tea and Kirtan from 4pm.

2 – 3.30pm – Nada Yoga
Nāda yoga is about connecting to our own vibration in the form of sound. It is a body of meditative sound yoga practices which can take us to the very depth of our being, bringing deep peace, harmony, soul and cosmic connection. Nada Yoga is additionally about deeply listening to ourselves and our thoughts and speech with kindness and non-judgment.

This session will first incorporate asana, pranayama and a sargam musical scale practice to warm up and connect to our voice soulfully. A chakra singing practice with mantra will follow to connect with the intuitive and psychic aspect of ourselves, and help nourish and balance the flow of energy on multiple levels of our being.

The session concludes with a yoga nidra, a lying down meditation practice which brings deep relaxation to body and mind, and helps integrate the energies activated in the previous practices. It will include mantra and music to relax the psychic body, further calm the nervous system, and provide deep soul nourishment.

3.30 – 4pm Afternoon tea. Refreshments provided.

4 – 5.30pm Kirtan
Kirtan is a form of Nada Yoga and Bhakti Yoga (yoga of the heart) which involves singing ancient sanskrit sounds (mantras) with melody and rhythm offered in dynamic call and response. It is the mantras carried by the organic flow of emotion and devotion which makes this such a transformative meditation practice.

Kirtan can help elevate our thoughts & emotions, purify and boost our energy and expand our awareness and can be practised by everyone, regardless of age or experience.

An important aspect of Nada Yoga and kirtan is providing a means to safely let go of any self-consciousness with the voice, and allow the freedom of your natural self-expression to shine through. This brings joy, vibrancy and inspiration to your being.

The combination of nada and kirtan will be a perfect way to relax, recharge and connect deeply with oneself, the divine and with community.

No musical or singing experience required!

$40 EARLY BIRD by 6pm, 27 April
$50 after this date or on the door


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