Nat Bartsch’s Lullaby Tour – Final Show

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ARIA -nominated Melbourne pianist/composer Nat Bartsch performs her lullabies, Forever, and No Time At All, at Araluen. These peaceful, meditative piano pieces designed to soothe babies and children to sleep, but also be genuinely enjoyable for adults to hear (for after all, parents have to hear the music just as much, if not more, than the child). Inspired by music therapy research, Nat’s compositions are written with repetition, tempos similar to a mother’s heartbeat, simple melodies; but also crafted in a neoclassical, elegant pianistic style. This music is played across the world, by people from all walks of life – often accompanying intensely personal moment such as childbirth and the final hours of life.

Don’t miss this special opportunity to enjoy a peaceful piano concert with (or without) your baby. Who knows, they might even fall asleep!

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