No Lights No Lycra

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Every Thursday from 6-7pm for $5

Move like you want to! No Lights No Lycra provides a safe and healthy atmosphere for you to express yourself through a connection with music.

Are you seeking out an environment where you can dance without losing a shoe to a sticky dancefloor mid-groove? Or maybe just wanting to be able to dance and express yourself without the ‘absolute joy’ of a complete stranger insisting on grinding up against you under those ‘heaps sexy’ flashing lights?

Started up by two dancers from Melbourne, No Lights No Lycra is a dance initiative that encourages people from all backgrounds and demographics to indulge in music that makes you want to move! The events produce an atmosphere of exhilaration whereby a dark room allows you to immerse yourself in self-expressive movement, free of teachers, technique and public view.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing it for exercise, relief or just a fun time, NLNL aims to make dancing accessible for everyone!

Don’t fight it, FEEL IT!
BYO: Water, comfy clothes and dancin’ shoes.

This is a drug and alcohol free event.
Some tracks may contain coarse language and or explicit referencing.

For more information Call 0434 869 208 | Facebook |

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