North of Centre I Desert Festival *Tickets available at event*

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North of Centre brings the energies of Northern Territory dance to the tropics of South-East Asia.

In three short works; a solo, duet, and trio, dancers explore their connection to place and understanding of people.

Works include:


The incremental unfolding of this solo dance work by Tracks Dance Company plays with proximity, pervading senses and persistence.

The intimacy of a single body performing against a vast space of human construction harnesses the forces of the natural world, fuelling a quiet ferocity, and leaving imperceptible traces of constant change and cyclical occurrences.


Tri means three and Datu means power. Tridatu is the name of the three threaded red/black/white bracelet that Balinese wear to encourage healing and protect against negative forces.

This piece has been named after Tridatu as it has been created via the collaboration of three artists: Desak Putu Warti (founder of Darwin’s renowned Balinese dance troupe Tunas Mekar Cultural Collective), I Made Budalasia, and Jocelyn Tribe.

Tridatu explores three stages of cultural learning through a student/mentor relationship: intention, action and integration. Set to an Indonesian electronic and instrumental score by I Made Budalasia (Tutup Mulut), this duet features contemporary movement and music influenced by traditional Balinese culture on modern day Larrakia country.

DANCE (a short homage)

GUTS Dance Central Australia perform a playful, collective experience where entertainment and experimentation unite in a live shaping of the contract between performers and audience.

Created together, the dance celebrates what can be achieved when responsibility is shared, ending in a dynamic, spectacular celebration of collective action and the energy of live performance.

This event is part of SPRING.LOADED.DANCE, an initiative by GUTS Dance Central Australia.

Photo credit: Ivan Trigo Miras.

North of Centre – 4 x performances 
67 Bath Street (Entry via Laneway)
Friday 24th September – 7.30pm & 8.30pm – Tickets Available On The Door
Saturday 25th September – 7.30pm & 8.30pm – Tickets Available On The Door

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