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KOREA | Subtitled

Directed by Bong Joon-ho
Starring Song Kang Ho, Lee Sun Kyun, Cho Yeo Jeong

WINNER: Palme d’Or, Cannes Film Festival 2019

“A nerve-racking masterpiece whose spell lingers long after its haunting final image.” New York Magazine/Vulture

Ki-taek and his family of four are close, but hopelessly unemployed. Without prospects, they hustle as best they can to scrape up the money to survive in their subterranean apartment. Hope comes in the form of an unusual offer. The son, Ki-woo, is recommended for a very well-paid tutoring job. Though Ki-woo lacks a university degree, it turns out his sister Ki-jung is a master forger and soon, bearing a fake degree, he is being interviewed at the luxurious home of the very wealthy Park family.

Ki-woo gets the job as tutor, and quickly realises that the Park family could well prove to be the solution to his family’s money problems. With every frame beautifully composed, Parasite vividly contrasts the two families using humour, mystery and a creeping sense of tension. Director Bong Joon-ho, once again skillfully fuses genre elements with social critique in a wildly entertaining, visually extraordinary and intoxicating manner.

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