Photography Exhibition – Shez Cairney

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“…the ancients knew that life began with water and the deity was represented as a flying Feline that went all over the world to teach humans how to cultivate the land, it was the civilizing divinity and it was the energy of water, which speaks with thunder and shines with lightning.”
Cecilia Wanqura, Elder and Guardian of the ancient memories of the Sacred Medicine from the Andean mountains in Peru.

Shez Cairney is an Alice Springs based photographer and wellbeing neuroscientist. She shared ceremony with Cecilia in the sacred water temples in Chavin, Peru. Here she learned from Cecilia that before fire, there was water. These photographs represent an exploration of the mysterious and magical nature of water (, insta: shezcairney).

All sales go to Ceci and her community.

Opening 10am 2nd Oct, ends 30th Oct,
The Roastery, 10 Hele cres,
Weds-Fri 11-5, Sat-Sun 8-noon

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