Projection Mapping Workshop Series with Cy Starkman

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This workshop series will take you through from the basics of understanding how to setup projectors through to creating animated and live environments for theatre, music and experiences. This course will also suit people interested in projecting films or using projectors to outline art at large scale.

Workshop 1

Projector basics. Covering projector type and technology, selecting the right projector for the job, safety, configuration, cabling, limitations, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Workshop 2

Computers and networks. How to effectively present still and video content using the Windows, Mac and iOS platforms. The oddities, options and pitfalls that you will encounter, configuring computers for multi-screen operation. Applications and solutions.

Workshop 3

Designing and using projection maps. to create audience experiences and enhance performed content. How to use mapping software to setup spaces that can be used for displaying content. This will have homework to create content for Workshop 4.

Workshop 4

Presenting complex animated content and collaborating with musicians and performers to create highly engaging and meaningful experiences. Using the content you created from Workshop 3, load and operate mapping software with music to rest of class.



Red Hot Arts, 67 Bath St


Tuesday 5th March, 5:30-7:30pm

Tuesday 12th March, 5:30-7:30pm

Tuesday 19th March, 5:30-7:30pm

Tuesday 26th March, 5:30-7:30pm


Following this Workshop Series, there will be opportunities for participants to engage in PAID work experiences. Stay tuned for further details and dates.


To access these free workshops you must be a paid member. If you are not a paid member you can become one at the first workshop on Tuesday 5th March.


Cy started projecting static and animated content as environments for staged events in 1990. As technology has evolved so has his exploration into the form. With experience in multi-projector setups, laser animation, projection mapping environments and using projectors to light and texture audiences, stages and spaces. He uses real-time interactive animation systems to perform with DJ’s, bands and performers.

In Alice Springs he was the projectionist for Story Wall, co-owner of Pop Cinema, presenting films and film festivals. Over the last 12 years Cy has been a key collaborator and coordinator for visual projections and lighting with Blacken Festival, Wide Open Space, Subtraction, The Pride Carnivale, The Doof Collective and supported numerous artists, projects. His most recent experiments were part of Watch This Space’s “Attempt One” in 2018.

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