Swallet ft. Butoh Performance by Margarita & Yi + DJ Mudhut

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A diverse night of butoh performance, dj’s and live music.
Come and enjoy a variety night at epilogue!

Butoh is a form of dance/theater/expression that was created in Japan after WWII. It is an art that is associated with pain, taboos and expression, however multi-interpreted across the world and through the ages. Dancer Margarita (Taiwan) and Yi (China) both studied the art of Butoh performance and have been traveling and performing their craft. Butoh is a performance that is felt by the viewer, where expression through the body takes hold. The performance will be musically assisted by Sy (Tasmania ) and Saar (Netherlands) (AKA Swallet) with an experimental soundscape, creating musical communication with the performance.

Swallet is a two piece dark-wave band found and active in Mparntwe (Alice Springs). Utilizing electronic instruments, guitar and vocals to create new wave sounds from the 80’s, contemporary electronic beats, and political and sensitive poetry.

DJ Mudhut (ADJUSTER, BUG EYED, RESIN MOON) will see the night out with his broad selection of upbeat tunes including classic funk, soul, hip hop, post-punk, pop, dance, electronica, indie and rock and heaps more from the 60s to the present day!


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