The Australian Burlesque Festival – Headliner Workshops

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The Australian Burlesque Festival – Alice Springs Headliner Workshops

***8 October 2019***
**One Day Passes, Single Workshops & Private Lessons**

*Please see ticket link below to enrol in the workshop/s
*Please make sure you check the time of each workshop/s
*Teacher and class descriptions below
*All workshops cost $45 plus booking fee, excluding discounted passes & private lessons.
*Workshops are non-transferable and non-refundable. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions.
*Discount available for One Day Pass. See ticket information below. Will include workshops as outlined.
*$5 discount per class on one day passes

***These classes are aimed at all levels but will benefit students with dance experience***

**If you are wanting a private lesson with one of the headliners please email as below**


Proudly sponsored by Desert Diamonds

Date: 8 October 2019
Venue: Red Hot Arts
​Address: 67 Bath St, Alice Springs NT 0870
Phone: 0401 660 681
Parking: There is off street parking in the area.
Arrival: Please arrive 10 minutes before class. All classes will start on time.

Workshop 1: 500pm to 600pm
Instructor: Chris Oh (Europe)
Class Description: Be the Pastie! 
Through this workshop we will delve into the weird and wacky art of conceptual movement and personal dance vocabularies. I will teach some methods on how we can create movement, meaning and choreography from intrinsic personal expression! This is a more advanced performer based class as it will require performance skill and experience. Chris Oh! will teach you ways and methods of creating improvisational scripts to help you overcome those writer’s block moments when constructing dance sequences and choreography. You will need to come fully prepared to feel awkward and aloof, challenged and excited. We will work through mime, gesture, dramatic pause and sequential adding to create new and personal movement.
What to Bring: Comfy clothes perfect for lots movement, water, snacks, notepad and pen
Level: Intermediate to advanced

Workshop 2: 615pm to 715pm
Instructor: Ella Fontaine (Brisbane)
Class Description: Develop an original costume design – Skills
Will cover: Fun games to get you thinking “outside the box”.
Using research and inspiration to develop original ideas.
How to communicating what type of seductress you are
Develop your character through the right costuming.
Rules for developing a strong and cohesive costume.
Develop ideas through illustration.
Develop a scheme sheet so that you can effectively plan your budget and communicate your design.
What to bring/wear: Inspirational materials /fabric swatches/ scissors, glue,  lead pencil, eraser, smart phone to access internet.
​Level: Beginner to Intermediate. Drawing skills not required.

Workshop 3: 730pm to 830pm
Instructor: Sweetpea (USA)
Class Description: SEXING THE STAGE 
Let’s take the stage and f**k em in the heart – or at least melt their faces off.
Unleash the strength, power, and prowess of your inner sex-witch onto your burlesque routines.  If you love the intoxicatingly seductive energy and the strong, sassy moves of burlesque performers, but not sure how to awaken the power or the movement vocabulary within you to infuse your acts, this workshop is for you!  After a warm-up, we’ll play with moving energy with and without moving, and then get into basic walks, poses, hits, transitions, and dynamic levels (yes, with some floor werk)…to then create a few smouldering combinations that will fuse those new moves with your classic burlesque posture and choreography.  All levels of dance ability are welcome.
Objective: The class will connect and empower students with their own sex-energy source and give them 2 ways to move the energy while in standing, upright, and floor positions.
What to Bring: Water, towel. Wear: shoes and clothing that make you feel sexy and you can dance in.
Level: Beginning to Intermediate

Workshop 4: 845pm to 945pm
Instructor: Diesel Darling (Sydney)
Class Description: FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT
Just starting out? Been around forever? Still cant do the splits? Look like you fell over in reverse getting up from some floor-work?
Well then this is the workshop for you! Diesel Darling is here to show you how everybody can ‘look’ like they are nailing that split and working those angles like a professional showgirl. Everyone’s body is different and everybody has its own limitations in one position or another but that doesn’t mean you cant ‘pretend’ and get away with it. After all burlesque is all just ‘smoke and mirrors’ baby! Just like magic there is a trick to everything, you just need to find someone willing to let you in on the secret!
In this workshop Diesel will teach you how to showcase your natural strengths to your advantage and how to disguise your weaker skills and slay that audience. You do not have to be an elite gymnast to wow a crowd with your physicality, you just need to know which hand goes where or what knee to bend or foot to put your weight on.
After 10 years of teaching beginners to advanced pole dance and flexibility techniques, Diesel has learnt a thing or two about fudging even the most complicated tricks. In this class you will be taught how to execute seemingly difficult moves and make it look effortless as well as the art of distraction and deception. The principle applies to flawless costume removal and in this class we will focus on the art of seduction using nothing but a couple of gloves. At the end of the day burlesque is all about confidence, and we all know confidence is sexy!
What to Bring:
WEAR: comfortable form fitting clothing that makes you feel sexy and fierce!
BRING: A pair of gloves. Heels turn a walk into a strut and make everything more fun, but they are in no way a requirement (make sure they are comfortable and you can move in them)
Level: All levels

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