Trails in Motion Film Festival 2021

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Presented by Alice Springs Running and Walking Club

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to roam a human-free world? A world without the trappings of man-made beliefs, devoid of disconnected thoughts! What would this strange landscape look like…? Would it be strange at all…? Would it echo the call of nature as if cavernous and infinite, or would it lay silent and still with only the sound of your foot steps murmuring your experiences? One can only imagine the freedom, an untethered escape to a place where night and day are only subjective limitations of the mind. Where the commune with nature is as mystical as the day of creation, and the understanding of one’s self is a deeply satisfying deluge of emotion. Have you ever wondered?

Presenting four richly unique films, the 8th edition of the world tour sets out to highlight the lives of some of trail and ultra running’s most prominent characters, and in the process, sharing not only their deep connection with their local community, but also the challenges they face as they continue to pursue a life guided by the trails.

Get ready for this year’s greatest trail and ultra running films! Introducing the Ledlenser Trails In Motion Film Tour, five inspiring films that will make you love this great community even more!

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