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TRY VR – Pop Up @ Sandbox:  Fri-Sun, 26-28th; 10am – 2pm

Virtual Reality is amazing. Have a go. We’re setting up an HTC VIVE system at SANDBOX. Great menu of VR Experiences and VR Games – something for everyone (12+). Reserve a spot (text us: 0456 657 248) or drop in.


UP, UP & AWAY — A great introductory experience for the adventurous (trigger: vertigo). Elevate to sky deck, tiptoe the plank, take off and fly around the city. Wow!

VR MUSEUM OF FINE ART — See some of the greatest artworks of all time, life-size and labelled in Virtual Reality. Wander around this impressive building and imagine the VR future.

GOOGLE EARTH VR — Set your travel bug free. Explore the world from street level to bird’s-eye view. Amazing. New York – Uluru – Where You Grew Up – your only limit is time itself!

TILT BRUSH — Indulge the artist in you. Draw in 3D with a huge array of options and see your creations from any angle. Psychedelic gorgeousness.


BEAT SABER — A fast-paced rhythm game. Slice approaching cubes to the beat of a song with two lightsabers and hand-eye coordination. The most popular VR game atm. (G)

GORN — Cartoony, fun, intense and ridiculously violent gladiator game. Stab, dismember and decapitate waves of enemies with a large arsenal of weapons. (MA+)

SPACE PIRATE TRAINER — Try a wave shooter in VR. Defend yourself against flying robots for as long as you can with lasers, shields and powerups. (G)

SUPERHOT VR — A stylistic shooter with a quirky mechanic: time only moves when you do. This game is something different – but – you could say that about everything on this menu. (PG)

VR TASTE: 15 mins – $10 – Experience the VR magic. Choose 1-2 items.
VR MAIN : 25 mins – $15 – Immerse, try a few apps, or share.
VR FEAST: 40 mins – $20 – Immerse, game, learn, travel, share.

(Parent/guardian must sign Indemnity Waiver for under 18s)

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