Ubu Roi

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Welcome to our unusual production of Alfred Jarry’s unusual play, Ubu Roi, a surrealist, satirical comic work that was way ahead of its time.

Written in 1895, the play was derived from a precocious satire that Jarry and his classmates wrote about a much unloved teacher, Monsieur H’ebert. Over the years, this central protagonist came to embody every despicable quality: he is pompous, vain, cruel, stupid, murderous, cowardly, greedy and authoritarian – altogether an exemplary authority figure.

The Year 11s and Year 12s have had a ball working on and off stage creating this performance for you and we have found it frighteningly contemporary in many ways. We hope you enjoy and are challenged by the experience because, let’s face it, if we can’t laugh at useless powerful people, what hope have we got?

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